31 May 2009

Your Daily Photo (Waves Lapping Upon Beach Cause I Live in Southern California So I Guess I Am Compelled to Post Some Beach Photos Edition)

Taken at Dockweiler State Beach a few days ago while killing a bit of time before picking up my friend on the way to the gym. It was gray (it's May), but with photo editing I can almost make it look like some color and contrast were visible at the time. I went more than a month without a photo from the beach as a 'daily photo', situation rectified. Haven't uploaded the rest of the shots to Flickr, since they're nothing special, but since I have unlimited storage with my pro account, might as well at some point.

Last day of May, didn't give you much to peruse other than posts of photos, or posts about photography, this month. When I plunge into a hobby, I guess I really get into it. Not like politics this past month would have been any more interesting to comment upon, anyway. Let's see, what I missed, Obama's intent on turning the United States into France, Jr., North Korea is bellicose (but not as bellicose or fragile as Susan Boyle), being a wise latina is part of the tool set required to sit on the Supreme Court, and our money supply is inflating like an overheated souffle. Yeah, I may stick to the photography thing for awhile, or not, I think I've proven to be very consistent in my inconsistency over the years blogging here. Expect more of the unexpected, or expect more of what you've come to expect, either works for me.

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chickenlittle said...

Let's see, what I missed,

You missed that Althouse has literally just become a place to discuss Drudge. :)

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