30 May 2009

“It’s a bit more exciting than a milk float”

Slogan (as described in this Times of London article) for the EV-0 R prototype electric racing bike to be entered in the upcoming TTXGP, the first zero carbon, clean emission grand prix. Seems like it's a bit early in the life cycle of electric technology to be staging a major motorcycle grand prix with all electric bikes, but fortune favors the bold, I suppose. They're pushing the 'green'-ness of the move, but I think the engineering and performance challenges the change presents are of far more interest and long term benefit. Gaiaism is a fad, but electrifying vehicles of all kinds goes beyond the usual Al Gore nonsense.

The Mission Motors entry looks interesting. They're taking the production electric bike they're developing, and racifying it. Seems like bikes will be easier to electrify than passenger vehicles, and the potential performance benefits of electric propulsion over combustion engines will be staggering as the technology matures. Can't wait till boats start adopting this tech, would be nice to be at a boat launch that doesn't reek of diesel fumes (all the 'zero carbon' crap is just crap, but nearly instantaneous acceleration and no fumes are exciting prospects).

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