30 May 2009

Your Daily Photo (Being In Focus Is Overrated Edition)

20090528_060 Getty Villa

This shot, not quite in focus, just a hair off, but I think being slightly off improves the composition (and Flickr users would seem to agree, it's the shot that's received the most hits since Flickr decided yesterday became today, Flickr stats seem to flip at UTC+0, rather than local time for each user). In some things good enough turns out to be better than being perfect. I swear that makes sense, somehow.

Didn't take any new pictures yesterday, so you get consecutive days of Getty Villa pics, and you are going to like it. Almost took a picture of a business stating proudly with a sign on their front door that they had "Mexican Coke" available, but decided it would be too much of a hassle. The "Mexican Coke" phenomenon has been going on for awhile, in this case it isn't a matter of storefronts openly selling nose candy (that'd be Coca Colombiana, or so I'm told), instead it's a thing that's pretty popular throughout the Southwest, and that's Coca-Cola bottled in Mexico. Why would someone import a non-alcoholic beverage made with Mexican water? It's not the crisp, clean Mexican water people are after, but that pure uncut sweet funk that folks remember from back in the day when soda was made with something called 'sugar'. Coca-Cola insists that sugar based Coca-Cola and high fructose corn syrup based Coca-Cola taste the same, but the steady stream of bottles and cans coming north suggests many people assume differently.

The main reason we get HFCS in all our sweetened crap, while the rest of the world still relies on cane sugar has everything to do with pork barrel (to the tune of $40B annual subsidies for corn in the USA) and electoral politics (I'm giving you the Stink-Eye Iowa), and nothing to do with taste. There's no hard data to support the claims that HFCS is worse than sugar, all the human studies have looked at correlation between obesity and diabetes rates and the increase of corn syrup in the diets, but the mechanism of the link, or if there is any causation at all, remains elusive.

Doesn't matter to me one way or the other, I just drink diet soda when I drink soda, but mostly I drink (filtered) tap water. And yes, I call those sugary (or nutrasweet-y) soft drinks, soda, it's one of the few remaining terms with strong regional quirks in American English. I was born and raised in a 'soda' county, so that's what I call the stuff.

Even I'm confused as to what any of the above has to do with the profile of an attractive young woman snapped furtively and slightly out of focus while she perused antiquities, but I'm sure there's a connection in some way (probably has to do with a theme of 'sweetness').

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