01 June 2009

Your Daily Photo (PETA Trolling-Lioness Edition)

Trollcats, new to the interwebs within the past week, definitely offensive, possibly funny. This post is my 'big cat' version of a trollcat.

UPDATE: My trollcat has made it on to Trollcats, I fell so honored. Go forth and vote my PETA-trolling lioness higher than that horrible holocaust denial trollcat, please.

UPDATE, Part II: Wow, I'm doubly honored now. First Trollcats makes me their first reader submitted trollcat, and now Althouse links to this immodest post while guest posting at Instapundit (sometimes it pays to promote oneself in her 'feel free to talk about whatever you want in the comments to this photo' posts). Woohoo! This photo was taken from my LA Zoo set which can be seen at Flickr, and if you want to see past LOL style captions, the Commentary by Means of LOL Speak tag will light the way (it's a gimmick I didn't stick with for very long, but I think some of them are still funny, even if they are already dated).


kentuckyliz said...

The only way that photo could be better would be if the lioness were flexing her claws in the steaming warm carcass of a freshly hunted zebra or gazelle, with blood streaming down her chin.

I like my murdered meat rare.

Anonymous said...

Next time some holier than thou my crap doesn't stink and I braid my armpit hair Vegan type is giving you a hard time about chowing down on nice big steak, ask if they feel bad about eating the aborted fetus of the bean plant when they chew down on a plate of sprouts ?

Trollcats said...

Trollcats approves of this post. *single-paw-salute-accompanied-by-expression-of-disdain-and-skepticism*

Chuck Baron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chuck Baron said...

Let's try this again.

Followup of kentuckyliz's comment

here's a bloodier kill

kentuckyliz said...

That's what I'm talking about!

Zebra tartare.

I like ribs, too. Eating them makes me feel like a lioness. Except for being able to use opposable thumbs. That's what makes it civilized. That and the bib and the wetnap.