26 December 2008

If Someone Is Really Demanding an Explanation . . .

From Megan McArdle

Obviously, if you think it's the government's job to pick economic winners and losers, and ensure that rich people lose as often as possible, then my stance is horrible and hypocritical. I will explain another time why I think that this is neither just, nor in the long-term interests of American society.

Is this really a concept that needs explanation? I think anyone who needs it explained to them that it's a very bad idea and patently unjust that the government should pick winners and losers and punish the rich, then I don't conceive of any amount of persuasion changing their minds.

I just hope that the parts of Obama's rhetoric that match the notion of picking winners and punishing the rich was just that, rhetoric, and not something he plans on putting into practice.

I am truly frightened by how many of Obama's more vocal supporters hope that his feints in that direction were more than empty rhetoric and instead part of his proposed "Hope" and "Change".

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