04 October 2008

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation, Week 05, The Picks

Week 5 already, not much else to say, other than the usual griping about which teams get picked for Los Angeles air by FOX and CBS.

Seattle Seahawks (1-2) at New York Giants (3-0) my pick Seattle +7.0
Seattle has looked pretty bad, the defending champs are undefeated and have already equalled my predicted seasonal win total for them. Maybe they don't suck as bad as I expected them to. Their both coming off bye weeks, so have had plenty of time to prepare, I'm expecting NY Giants to begin a season remaining spiral of mediocrity and Seattle to improve a little, so this is a turn around game for both teams. I can't believe Fox is showing this crap instead of the much better Washington at Philadelphia battle.

San Diego Chargers (2-2) at Miami Dolphins (1-2) my pick San Diego -6.5
The Chargers seem to be on track now after blowing their first two games, and Miami is coming off their surprisingly easy defeat of New England. The trick plays that were effective against the old slow Pats defense won't work against San Diego's speedier LB crew. San Diego will control this and cover easily. CBS is choosing this game over the defensive battle of the decade, Tennessee at Baltimore, if any game has a chance of finishing an OT 0-0 tie, this is the game (surest bet of the week, under 33.5 total for these two teams, can't believe the line is more than 25). Both those defenses are playing very well, guess it's time to start looking into getting DirecTV.

Cincinnati Bengals (0-4) at Dallas Cowboys (3-1) my pick Dallas -16.0
Dallas has last week's disaster to recover from, and Cincy has a couple seasons worth of continuing turmoil to play through. Doesn't matter if Palmer plays or not, Dallas will destroy the Bungles.

Pittsburgh (3-1) at Jacksonville (2-2) my pick Jacksonville -5.5
Pittsburgh could easily be 1-3 instead of 3-1, and they're losing RBs left and right. Roethlisberger is a game manager, he's not a playmaker, without a solid RB in the backfield, he's dead meat. Pittsburgh's very solid defense won't be able to keep the game close, Jacksonville will put together their first solid game of the season and win with ease.

Minnesota (1-3) at New Orleans (2-2) my pick New Orleans -3.0
Vikings have moved the bal well, but haven't been putting up TDs. New Orleans can score, and score big, especially since their strength (passing) is Minnesota's weakness (pass denfense). This feels like a 38-13 type game with the Saints putting on a show for the hometown fans.

I know I have a 5-0 week in me at some point this season, this could be it, I feel really good about this picks (and if I go 0-5, this may get thrown down the memory hole).

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