06 October 2008

The Results, Week 05, Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Ouch. 0-5!

D'oh!! Seattle 6 NY Giants 44 my pick Seattle +7.0
Seattle (1-3) suck. The only team they've been able to beat this year is the historically awful St. Louis Rams. The Superbowl Champion New York Giants (4-0)might not be half bad. I guess I have to admit that now.

D'oh!! San Diego 10 Miami 17 my pick San Diego -6.5
San Diego (2-3) aren't able to play consistently well. They let Miami (2-2) jump out to a big lead, and couldn't recover. They're still probably the best team in the AFC West, but that's not saying much. Miami might be a team to watch this season, they've beat two good teams in New England and San Diego.

D'oh!! Cincinnati 22 Dallas 31 my pick Dallas -16.0
Dallas (4-1) jumped out to a 17-0 lead in the 2nd quarter, had this game under control, then fell asleep. Cincinnati (0-5) almost came back, but they're still losers, and it still looks like an awful season for them, but they covered the spread, so they screwed up my pick, the bastards.

D'oh!! Pittsburgh 26 Jacksonville 21 my pick Jacksonville -5.5
I guess Big Ben isn't so injured afterall. Pittsburgh (4-1) are a hard team to figure out. They've been winning ugly, but they've been winning. Jacksonville (2-3) have to be disappointed to be 2-3 at this point, they're not playing up to their talent level at the moment.

D'oh!! Minnesota 30 New Orleans 27 my pick New Orleans -3.0
Minnesota (2-3) pulled off a small upset on the road. New Orleans (2-3) wasted a great effort by Reggie Bush (2 punt returns for TDs, 176 total return yards). On the plus side for the Saints, despite giving up 23 points (7 points were on a blocked FG for a TD), they played well. They held Adrian Peterson in check, and held the Vikings to 270 total yards, but 4 turnovers gave Minnesota too many opportunities. New Orleans dominated both sides of the ball, and had outstanding play from their Special Teams, and still lost, clean up the mistakes, and they look like one of the best teams in the NFC.

A perfect week of NFL picks, that'll keep me from thinking about heading to Vegas. As far as the seasonal picks go, those weren't as horrible at 6-8.

Totals so far . . .

Seasonal 40-34

Weekly 14-11

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