04 October 2008

The Results, Week 04, Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

That's right, another 4-1 week, it's almost as if I knew what I was talking about, or something. As far as the seasonal thing, that's going decently, too, with a record of 8-5 in week 04.

D'oh!! Green Bay 21 Tampa Bay 30 my pick Green Bay +1.5
The only "D'oh!!" of the week, Griese was terrible, but Rodgers nearly matched him in awfulness, so this game was decided by Tampa's rushing attack which rolled up some big numbers against a Packers defense that made Tampa's Earnest Graham look like a Pro Bowler.

Woohoo!!! Washington 26 Dallas 24 my pick Washington +10.5
Washington beat their division rivals in Dallas. They almost didn't hold on, but Campbell played well, and their defense stepped up. Also, Terry Owens ought to just shut up and play ball. They involved him in 20 plays and he still complained after the game about being under-utilized. WRs are unbelievable sometimes. The NFC East division is by far the best division in the NFL, top to bottom they're strong.

Woohoo!!! San Diego 28 Oakland 18 my pick San Diego -7.5
That was close. Chargers scored 25 points in the 4th quarter to win this, and if LT hadn't scampered for a long TD in the closing minutes, they would have just kneeled down after clinching the game and missed covering the spread. LT made a bunch of gamblers happy with that TD run (and a few pissed off who bet the other side). Oakland is a mess. They've got good players, but their organization is insane, Al Davis is insane, and with the firing of Kiffin, things will just get worse. Hopefully they won't darken the Los Angeles market airwaves again this season.

Woohoo!!! Philadelphia 20 Chicago 24 my pick Chicago +3.0
I stll think the Eagles are one of the better teams in football, but the Bears matched up well, and did just enough to win. Orton looked pretty good for Chicago, and having Hester back in the line-up was a big plus.

Woohoo!!! Baltimore 20 Pittsburgh 23(OT) my pick Baltimore +5.0
Pittsburgh pulled off the OT victory, but Baltimore covered, and that's what really counts. Baltimore should have held on to win this game, but they didn't. This was a costly victory for Pittsburgh losing tow key offensive players for the season. They'll be lucky to get to 7-9, and even though Baltimore lost the game, they should have the inside track on the AFC North division title.

Totals so far ...

Seasonal 34-26

Weekly 14-6

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