05 August 2008

Could Natalie Portman Get Any Cooler?

(hat tip Kali the Destroyer)

Devendra Banhart's video for Carmensita. It stars himself and his main squeeze, Natalie Portman. Kat Dennings plays a pleasingly bouncy Kali-Ma (Kali-Ma is not a destroyer in the sense of pure chaotic destruction, rather, she is the destroyer of negativity, so in that way she is the ultimate in positivity)

And speaking of Kali the Destroyer, her alter ego, Kat Dennings, has a film coming soon, and the trailer is below, saw it before Dark Night this Saturday, odd placement for it, but it looks like an interesting film, even if you aren't a teenager yourself.

P.S.: Mr. Barnhart, can you please try and keep the top of your pubes to yourself (and Natalie in your more intimate moments, of course), thanking you in advance, your humble correspondent, XWL

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Mike Lorrey said...

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