06 August 2008

Sometimes A Big, Long, Stiff, Clock, Is Just a Clock (Unless Your Name is Bob Herbert) . . .

2008 08 05 Getty Center 055

. . . sorry, it's been covered to death already ("it" being Bob Herbert's unfortunate comments about the McCain 'celebrity' ad), but I needed some excuse to post this photo of a big, hard, erect, clock (Louis Quatorze style, too, not only is this a big clock, it's a royal clock, I guess it's good to be the king).

(taken yesterday, at Getty Center, the Bernini exhibit is great, but photography isn't allowed in there, everywhere else is a shutter-ful zone, though, so here are the snaps I snapped)

And speaking of Louis Quatorze . . .

(and some times songs that advocate statutory rape, are just songs that advocate statutory rape, unless you're in Canada, of course, up there 14 is old enough, or at least it used to be, they raised the age of consent this year, so that joke no longer applies)

(and it was OK for me to enjoy that song when it came out, given that I was just thirteen when I first had lustful thoughts about the fourteen year old Annabella)

(this is a really odd grab bag of a post, isn't it? Getty Center, Bob Herbert, Statutory Rape, Louis XIV, Bow Wow Wow, Canadian Jurisprudence, Bernini, my early teen horniness, the glory that is/was Annabella Lwin, Election 2008, and of course things that because they are longer than they are wide and have a certain length to girth ratio that some people feel compelled to see them as symbolizing a particularly generative appendage)

(yep, it all fits together, sure it does)

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