05 August 2008

Go Ahead, Work That Feminist Outrage Jezebelites!!!

Ohhhh, Noes!!! Presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain made a joke about his wife participating in Miss Buffalo Chip contest in Sturgis, North Dakota.

The horrors.

The predictable outrage, at Jezebel.

Yet, when sex workers hold a conference in DC, it's empowering (though, the poster professes some concerns about sex work in general as being anti-feminist). And this isn't a case of different posters with different agendas at a group blog, both posts are by Megan Carpenter, and are within a week of each other.

Methinks this outrage is selective and politically motivated.

Personally, I'm pro-Miss Buffalo Chips, and pro-Sex Workers being legal and regulated. Because of prohibition in most jurisdictions, sex workers get worked over, sex work won't go away just cause most people find it deplorable, make it legal, make it safe, and at least you'll mitigate the harm caused, you'll never make it go away.

But back to McCain, dude still has a sense of humor about himself and his family, what about his opponent?

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