23 February 2008

Things I Learned From News of the World . . .

. . . attracted to News of the World by this Drudge headline, PURPLE PAIN: PRINCE TO HAVE HIP REPLACEMENT..., I don't think this is something that will be that unusual for people in their late 40s, early 50s, or especially their 60s.

Used to be you'd have to suck it up, live with the pain, and slow down your lifestyle. But the replacement joints are getting better, and once the healing is done, the new joint is better than the old one, but as mentioned in the article, is more susceptible to displacement with certain kinds of movement. Given that Boomers are going to be needing these hips in large amounts over the next decade, I bet they'll come up with a hip that not only eliminates the pain, as is the case now, but let's you return to all sorts of vigorous activity after recovery, as well.

Also in News of the World, two stories that happened just down the street from me. The Independent Spirit Awards were held in a marquee on the beach in Santa Monica, as they put it in their article. First time I ever came across the word "marquee" used in that way. Here I was calling the big white thing they set up for that event a tent all these years, when I could have been calling it a marquee. So much more sophisticated to call it a marquee, I won't make the mistake of calling it a tent again. Looks like it was a good day for Juno, probably doesn't mean Juno will do well at the Oscars tomorrow night, though.

The other event that happened this morning in Santa Monica was the handing out of the Razzies. They're not held in a marquee, but instead they are held at MAGICOPOLIS!!! (I added in the !!!, it's just Magicopolis, normally, but it sounds more impressive if you call it MAGICOLOPLIS!!!, why the Razzies are held there in particular is something I don't have the answer for). Lindsay Lohan tied (with herself) for Worst Actress, while Eddie Murphy garnered 'honors' for Worst Actor, Worst Supporting Actor, as well as Worst Supporting Actress. I doubt anyone else will ever be so 'honored' for a single film again, Norbit was a true achievement in the annals of bad acting.


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