21 February 2008

I'm Leftier Than You, (Response) Am Not, (Counter-Response), Am Too . . .

Just take the formula indicated in this post's title, rinse and repeat, and you have my impression of tonight's CNN/Univision Texas Democratic Primary debate.

If either of these folks gets elected in November, this country will get what it deserves, they've clearly outlined how they'll ruin our economy, weaken our standing abroad, and return us back to the glory years of the mid-70s. They're both trying to portary themselves as a mix of McGovern and Carter, and it's playing well to all the folks at the debate in Austin.

Woohoo stagflation, woohoo malaise, woohoo an executive branch antagonistic with our military.

Sounds like good, good times.

McCain's not perfect, but he'd be a whole hell of a lot better than either of these two jokers.

Also, seems like Sen. Clinton is unwilling to do what it would take to win in either Texas or Ohio, tonight is her chance to really go after Sen. Obama, and so far, she really hasn't made any dent in his appeal (to other Democrats, both are doing damage to their appeal to Independents and Republicans, I think). Her attacks are mostly at the policy wonk level, and that won't be enough, if she wants to win, she needs to engender real questions about Sen. Obama's ability and character. She's got to get dirty, and rough, and throw some elbows, or else all is lost for her.

Truthfully, though, even if she does all that, all is lost, she'll turn off too many primary voters with those tactics, her only hope is that something really bad is dug up on Sen. Obama between now and March 4th.

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