23 February 2008

Expensive Crash

A B2 crashed in Guam today. Luckily both pilots ejected safely without major injuries (one evaluated and released, the other in hospital and stable, according to AP), and the B2 that crashed in Guam this week wasn't loaded with any munitions, and didnt' hit anything on the ground, but damn $1.2B worth of wreckage. Ouch.

Looking at the CIA World Factbook, if that $1.2B were a nation's GDP, then that one plane would slot somewhere between the 193rd largest economy in the world (Samoa), and the 194th (Antigua and Barbuda). Hopefully whatever caused this crash was a very unusual circumstance that won't be easily replicated, these bombers are getting a lot of use, fly a lot of miles, and drop a lot of bombs, plus they look, really, really cool. Hate to see the whole fleet grounded for any amount of time. If it was pilot error, though, that'd be worse, hard to live down taking out a piece of equipment worth $1.2B over some avoidable mistake. These are well trained crews, doubt it was pilot error, or related to maintenance, most likely it was one of these guys (see below)

(if they can get the better of Bugs, they can do just about anything . . .)

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