24 February 2008

Lakers Chat, Part Quite Giddy and Possibly Deluded

Can the Lakers win out? Mike Dunleavy, coach of the Clippers, said the Lakers might not lose again this season. The way they are playing right now, you'd have to think it's possible. Still not probable, but it's really possible given their recent performance. Adding in the seven in a row streak they're working on, they'd end the season with a 34 game win streak, which would be one game better than the 71-72 Lakers' 33 game streak. It probably won't happen, they probably won't even come close, but 22-5 isn't out of the question over the rest of the season. If it wasn't for that little hiccup in Atlanta, the Lakers would be threatening to be the first team since the Spurs in March of '96 to have an undefeated month (the Bulls also managed to go undefeated in January '96). It looks like Houston will match that feat this month (they are 10-0 this month with home games against Chicago, Washington and Memphis left), but the Lakers could still do it in March (not likely given, though).

Everything is clicking for this team and if they go undefeated through the next three weeks, that wouldn't be that shocking. They have a four game road trip from March 14th to March 20th that sees them visiting New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, and Utah. That's the last major roadblock this team faces, with 27 games remaining and currently sitting atop the Western Conference with a record of 38-17, the Lakers right now would be disappointed if they "only" win 55 games, and have a realistic shot at getting to 60 wins.

That's assuming Kobe's damaged pinky doesn't fall off completely, Gasol or Odom don't get hurt, and when Bynum starts working his way back into the line-up, he doesn't upset the chemistry that's going on right now.

Who'd of thunk back after their game on December 30th when the Celtics beat the Lakers (the infamous 'short shorts' game) to get to 26-3 (eventually making it to 29-3), and the Lakers were sitting at 19-11 that it would be the Celtics who look less likely to make it to the finals.

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