10 November 2007

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Week TEN)

Week Ten already, last week with byes, it gets serious from here on out. I only have 8 more chances to improve my winning percentage, so it's 5-0 or bust this week. My Nemesis Bill Simmons™ after ranting endlessly about the officiating in the Pats-Colts contest, also makes his picks on the games, they can be found in a little sidebar box. I made my picks before looking at his, but given his performance of late, I feel pretty good about picking exactly opposite every one of his picks.

On to my perfect picks for the week:

Cleveland(5-3) at Pittsburgh(6-2) Pittsburgh -10.0 BS Picks Cleveland
Cleveland have been pretty impressive this season. The Browns are for real, but the Steelers have been looking pretty good lately, and when they played in Cleveland opening week, the Steelers beat the Browns 34-7. I don't expect Cleveland to do any better on Heinz Field. Expect a Steelers victory, and expect a blowout.

Minnesota (3-5) at Green Bay (7-1) Green Bay -5.5 BS Picks Minnesota
Green Bay won't make the same mistake San Diego did last week. They'll do everything they can to stop Peterson, and dare the Vikings to win the game passing. This is a rematch, Green Bay won a close contest in Minnesota back in September, it won't be close this time. The Packers will roll, and continue piling up victories. If the Vikings do lose, their season is done, they'd have to go 6-1 the rest of the way to sneak into the playoffs, and that's not going to happen.

Dallas (7-1) at NY Giants (6-2) Dallas -1.5 BS Picks NY Giants
Dallas seems to be on track again after two bad weeks against Buffalo and New England. The Giants haven't faced a team with a winning record since week 3 when they had their furious 2nd half comeback against Washington. Manning has been awful, even though they've been winning. Their defensive line has been great, but Dallas has a very good Offensive line, and Romo should have enough time to exploit the Giants secondary. This is a rematch of the season opener, and both teams look better than they did back then, but I expect a similar result this time around. Dallas should be able to dispatch this Giants team without too much trouble.

Indianapolis (7-1) at San Diego (4-4) San Diego +3.5 BS Picks Indianapolis
After last week's crappy showing by the Chargers, I'm crazy to pick them to beat the 2nd best team in the NFL. But crazier things have happened, and the Chargers have been very good at home. The Colts will rebound from their tough loss against New England, but not in this game, they'll get upset by a Chargers team that will remember they still have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball themselves.

San Francisco (2-6) at Seattle (4-4) Seattle -9.5 BS Picks San Francisco
Neither of these teams are any good, and I'm concerned about giving up so many points, even against a poor 49ers team, but Seattle's at home, so they should be able to win by 2 TDs or more. If you watch this game Monday night, you seriously need to rethink your priorities, however. This ought to be thoroughly unwatchable.

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