10 November 2007

RESULTS Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Week NINE)

Week Nine was interesting. I think My Nemesis Bill Simmons™ has gone slightly off his rocker with his complaining over the officiating in the Pats-Colts contest. Yes, some questionable calls were made, yes almost all of them were against the Pats, but seriously, dude, dude, seriously, I mean, dude, seriously, VICTORY?!?, Really?!? Dude, seriously, dude, not a good movie, and as a point of reference for your entire rant just makes you sound kind of crazy.

As far as my picks go, I was an lousy 1-4 for the week, only getting it right on the GB-KC game, otherwise. BS went 1-4 also, he missed on GB-KC, but got it right on DAL-PHI, we both suck, but I'm not getting paid for my sports knowledge, so he sucks harder. We remain tied, now at a pretty awful 19-23-3, if you use my picks or BS's picks to try and make some money, you get what you deserve.

Now on to the recaps:

San Diego 17 Minnesota 35 I Picked SD -7.0, BS SD
D'oh! Adrian Peterson broke the single game rushing record, and was unstoppable. I thought San Diego had a defense, I guess I was wrong. They are a Jekyl and Hyde team, one week they look pretty awesome, on others they look terrible. Can they put together a good game and beat the Colts next week? The Vikings are a bit enigmatic, the have talent, and a great running back, but they have no passing game, so teams should be able to load up in the box and stop Peterson, yet San Diego managed to not do that last week, and given how week the NFC is, they are still a threat to get a wildcard, even at 3-5.

Green Bay 33 Kansas City 22 I Picked GB +2.0, BS KC
Woohoo! Green Bay is 7-1, yet they really don't seem like one of the better teams in the NFC. I'd still rank NYG, DAL, and even NO ahead of them. But they've been playing well enough to win, and Favre has been excellent, plus they have a really solid defense. KC is still in a good position to win the AFC West and earn themselves an early exit from the playoffs, like usual.

New England 24 Indianapolis 20 I Picked NE -5.5, BS NE
D'oh! This was the big one, the most anticipated regular season game in just about ever, and it was surprisingly sloppy. NE set a team record for penalty yardage, yet managed to win anyway. They didn't cover the spread, though, so even if they go 19-0, they aren't going 19-0 against the spread. Indy still appears to be the 2nd best team in football, but with this loss, it seems likely that their eventual rematch will be played outdoors in Foxboro, that's going to make repeating their AFC Championship triumph against the Pats much more difficult.

Dallas 38 Philadelphia 17 I Picked Phi +3.0, BS Dal
D'oh! Here I wrote about the revenge factor for TO in my pick post, yet I still went with Philly, should have known better. Dallas has a decent defense, and a potent offense, it will be fun to watch their big showdown with the NYGiants this week. The Eagles are done, their season is over, and McNabb probably won't be playing for them next year. Getting Westbrook back didn't make as big of a difference as a I expected, oh well.

Baltimore 7 Pittsburgh 38 I picked Bal +9.0, BS Bal
D'oh! The Ravens aren't very good, turns out, and the Steelers are nearly unbeatable in night games. Pittsburgh may be the best of the rest in the AFC, and if they put together a good game in the playoffs might upset either the Pats or the Colts, but only if they keep on playing well into late December.

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