20 October 2007

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Week SEVEN)

Another week of lousy football. There are no match-ups between two good teams on Sunday, televised in L.A. or not. It'll be a good Sunday for doing other stuff, enjoy the crisp October air, avoid football all together. The only game worth watching will be on Monday night with Indy heading to Jax. Here's my picks for the 4 lousy contests (plus 1 good one) being broadcast in LA this week (and here's the link to all of BS's Picks, plus commentary on the comparative difficulty level between going undefeated in an NFL season and going undefeated in a Fantasy Football League):

San Francisco(2-3) at New York Giants(4-2) San Francisco +9.0 BS Picks NYG
San Francisco is a bad team, and have lost 3 straight. NY Giants, are also a bad team, but they've won 4 straight. I think the Niners will have a bounce back game, and the Giants will return to bickering and trying to get their coach fired. I'm picking a team QB'd by Trent Dilfer to cover the spread, probably a mistake, but I think the Giants' win streak is a mirage.

Minnesota(2-3) at Dallas(5-1) Minnesota +9.5 BS Picks Minn
Dallas are a good team, but they're coming off of a humiliating thumping at the hands of New England. Minnesota are better than their record would indicate, and they have their key strength matched-up against Dallas' key weakness. The Minnesota running attack will control this game, and Dallas doesn't have the defense to stop them. Even if Minnesota doesn't pull of the upset, they'll keep the score close.

Kansas City(3-3) at Oakland(2-3) Oakland -3.0 BS Picks Oak
Neither of these teams are any good, the entire division is mostly crappy with teams that will finish between 6-10 and 9-7. Oakland gets the nod for home field advantage, and they can't be as bad as San Diego made them look last week, they need to bounce back, and they will.

Pittsburgh(4-1) at Denver(2-3) Pittsburgh -3.5 BS Picks Pitt
Denver is a really bad team, and their home field advantage ain't what it used to be. Pittsburgh are a cut below the elite two of the league right now (that'd be Indy and New England) but they are probably the best of the rest (along with Jacksonville). I expect them to handle the Broncos, and beat them handily.

Indianapolis(5-0) at Jacksonvillle(4-1) Indianapolis -3.0 BS Picks Indy
The only good game of the week, and it's happening on Monday night, ESPN must be thrilled. Undefeated Indy goes up against once beaten Jax. Ought to be a good game, or a blowout, not sure yet. Either the Jaguars hold down the score and control the tempo, or the Colts make a few big plays and run away with this game. Jacksonville wins if it's low scoring, Indianapolis wins if it's a touchdownfest. But, that's obvious, so which will it be? I'm going with TD-fest. Indy are close to unstoppable at the moment, and Jax won't be able to keep up.

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