20 October 2007

The Appropriate Reaction?!?

funny cat picture

Picture stolen from I Can Haz Cheezburger, truly this cat is worth LOL-ing at.

And what the hell is J.K. Rowling doing saying this, anyway? What other expanded back stories will we get?

My guesses:

  • Mrs. Weasley was a popular stripper (stage name, Cherry Bush) before she married (and the ravages of childbirth changed her body).
  • Harry did indeed use his invisibilty cloak to check out the female students in the showers and locker rooms, just like any other red blooded (hetero) male his age would.
  • Hagrid was featured in a series of "Bear" videos (non-sex, just him posing . . ., naked . . ., with real bears)
  • Hermione had "an experience" with the hot French chick during the Wizard competitions in Goblet of Fire, but didn't get past "second base".

Any others I'm missing?

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