01 October 2007

LOL Random Kilt Wearing Guy?!?

Now men too can ask a variation of that important question, "Does this skirt make my ass look fat?" (picture snapped by Amy Alkon, her post here).

The Crocs in public would be bad enough, the shirtlessness would be bad enough, the greasy blonde hair would be bad enough, but combine all those things with a kilt too, and you have a perfect storm of suck. In otherwords anonymously random kilt wearing guy (who I've seen walking around Santa Monica on occasion, but never bothered to photograph), yes your skirt does make you look like an ass.


jamzoo said...

I think he looks hot. Crocs are a no-no, but topless, well
if the weather is hot and you've got a
nice bod then why not. And the kilt is a utility kilt
with belt loops and pockets and everything! Very sexy indeed, blonde hair included :-P

Lizzie Walker said...

The crocs can go but he at least matches. I have NO idea where you see greasy hair. The guys body is SO hot, hot, hot. Look at the muscles in his back. He can walk around with no shirt around me! Yummy.