17 September 2007

RESULTS (Week Two) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Ouch. 2-3 this week.

Indianapolis 22 Tennessee 20 (Indianapolis -7)
D'oh! The Colts offense did not get rolling against the Titans. Adam Vinatieri looked human, but Manning was sharp as always. Vince Young is still a work in progress. Winning is winning though, and the Colts didn't panic even though their offense didn't click. Their defense is much improved over last year's, which suggests that home field advantage in the AFC playoffs will come down to the Nov 4th match up between Indianapolis and New England (guess we won't have two undefeated teams in the AFC this year)

Oakland 20 Denver 23OT (Oakland +10)
Woohoo! I was almost right. The Oakland defense did score as many points as their own offense, they just gave up a few too many points to the opponents. Had they kept their own turnovers down, they would have won this one. The Raiders might still have a decent (for them) 6-10 or 8-8 season. Denver looks crappy. Cutler is awful, but the Broncos are 2-0.

Dallas 37 Miami 20 (Dallas -3.5)
Woohoo! I still don't believe in Dallas, but I do know Miami (and Trent Green) really sucks. I don't have anything else to say about these two teams, and I didn't bother watching this game, but it least I made the right pick.

San Diego 14 New England 38 (San Diego +3.5)
D'oh! Ouch. 19-0. Superbowl XLII Champs. Season's over. That would be the Patriots. San Diego on the other hand still has a great defense, but their offense isn't (yet). If I were into that fantasy crap, and had picked LT with the first pick, I'd be seriously pissed about now. I'd be cursing the name Norv Turner.

Washington 20 Philadelphia 12 (Philadelphia -6.5)
D'oh! The Eagles didn't look good in this, and Jason Campbell, the 'Skins young QB, just might be very, very good. The Eagles were terrible in the red zone, they didn't score any TDs this week, and didn't score any offensive TDs last week. Not a good way to start the season.

It's only been two weeks, but there are already a few teams you wouldn't expect to be 2-0 or 0-2. Houston's the biggest surprise at 2-0, not only have they played well, but they've looked good doing it. New Orleans is the biggest surprise at 0-2, their offense has been terrible, and their defense not much better. That team appears to be in trouble.

Next week the local TV games are Chargers at Green Bay, San Francisco at Pittsburgh, New York Giants at Washington, plus the Sunday night game of Dallas at Chicago and Monday night's contest of Tennessee at New Orleans. Should be an interesting week. I'll try and come up with some picks by Wednesday.

Over at ESPN Bill Simmons ("The Sports Guy") gives his picks against the spread (unlike the other ESPN folks). I'll compare my stats to his. Of the games I picked, he went 4-1, only missing on the Eagles game (last week he went 2-2-1 also, with the same picks, except for in the game that was a push)

My season total 4-5-1
My nemesis, Bill Simmons' season total (on the same games) 6-3-1
(I'll catch him this week)

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