18 September 2007

Siren Time

Thought I'd break out the double Drudgian siren for this one.

It's going to RAIN!!!!

(there hasn't been a significant rainstorm to drench all of the LA Basin in nearly a year)

From the local coverage, you'd know that the siren is called for, otherwise you'd think, 'what the hell, it's only a little water'.

The weather advisory has some odd wording in it.
Due to uncertainties in the exact track and timing of this system...
the threat of rain in any six hour period in the current forecast is
generally 50 percent or less. However... the chance of rain during
the 36 hour period from Thursday afternoon through Friday night is
quite high. It must be stressed that these types storms are
notoriously tricky and real confidence will not come until the storm
manifests itself on satellite imagery.

Exactly how much rain this system will produce is still in
question... and will be highly dependent upon how much moisture it
can attain from the Pacific. If it tracks a bit farther off the
coast... it would likely gather more in the way of moisture...
increasing potential rainfall totals. If it tracks farther
inland... it will remain starved for moisture... resulting
in a low precipitation event. This type of system does have
the potential to produce rainfall totals in excess of one inch
under the right circumstances.

The storm is expected to move out of the area late Friday night and
early Saturday... with a decreasing threat of showers across the

This storm will likely take many tricks and turns as it migrates
southward. The National Weather Service will be issuing many
forecast updates between now and the storms arrival. Please stay
tuned to your favorite source of weather information this week to
ensure you have the latest forecast and warning information.

In other words, 'we have no idea what's going to happen, either you'll get drizzles, or torrents, but don't say we didn't warn ya'

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