28 August 2007

"Nature is very much like a 14-year-old boy"

Quoted from an article (hat tip Drudge) about earthquakes in Los Angeles.

The correct pairing with the line "Nature is very much like a 14-year-old boy;"

A) it builds up tension rapidly, then releases it in an ejaculatory manner
B) it's violent and unpredictable
C) it's sloppy and lazy
D) it's inarticulate, surly, and frequently sullen (but it's only a phase)

You'll have follow the link to find the right answer (unless you were able to guess correctly without doing so).


bill said...

I had my money on D.

XWL said...

I wonder how many athlete/scholars met the minimum profficiency requirement on the SAT by choosing "D" for all the answers they didn't know?

Pastor_Jeff said...

Pimply, malodorous, and constantly hungry?

Desperately longing to be cool?

It has a cheesy teenage fuzz-stache and listens to loud, bad music?

Can't wait until it turns 18 'cuz then it's outta here?