28 August 2007

The Thing Not Said . . .

. . . not mentioned in this USA Today article (hat tip Instapundit) regarding "black flight" from San Francisco is homophobia within the African American community.

The loss of the black community in San Francisco coincides with the rise in the political influence of the gay community. It could be completely coincidental.

But many have argued that black communities (and there are those who resist that notion) tend to be more homophobic than the population in general (especially amongst blacks who attend traditionally black churches), more predominately black churches than not openly discriminate against homosexuality. This WaPo article from 2004 would seem to support that claim. This article from the SF Chronicle (also from 2004) about black clergy rallying against same sex marriage would also suggest that there's strong resistance within the religious black community towards accepting homosexuality.

Seems like a funny oversight within the article to not even pose the question.

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