17 May 2007

OK, That's A Point In Her Favor, But I Still Won't Be Voting For Her

Sen. Hillary Clinton has picked up the very important "world's most famous pornstar" endorsement (via Drudge).

As a business person you'd think Jenna would worry more about higher taxes and increased regulatory complexity than any perceived GOP interference in her industry (despite his social positions, you'd think Jenna would be a Huckabee fan given what a boon a Fair Tax would be for a professional like her).

When the GOP is in control they talk about regulations, but it's when Dems are in control is when they actually get inacted. Even though she says the Clinton era was a golden age for porn (not her words, but her inference), I think she's mistaken.

But if I were interviewing Jenna Jameson regarding the Clintons my follow up question would have been, "Which would you prefer doing a scene with, Bill, Hillary, or Chelsea?"

That's a question for which she would be uniquely qualified to give an interesting answer.

Speaking of Chelsea, she would seem to be the perfect answer for Sen. Clinton's "First Lady" problem. Bill would make a terrible First Lady. The role is too traditionally feminine, and too wrapped up in protocol for someone of his inclinations and temperament to fulfill. Chelsea on the other hand might be just right for the role. She could resign her position as an access peddler in NYC (I mean important cog in the wheel that is Avenue Capital hedge fund), move into the White House, and fulfill the wifely functions for her mother that her father would be so terrible at.

She'd be a more natural choice to fulfill the First Lady function than former President Clinton, and much less controversial.

And as far as the question I would have asked Jenna, my guess is her answer would have been, 'all three at once'.

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