16 May 2007

Sure Your Product Smells Like Grandpa, But Damn, You Sure Do Make Fine Commercials

Bruce Campbell cheesing it up with a piano bar version of Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf?

Doesn't get any better than that.

Still not touching your stinky product, but bravo anyway.


A behind the scenes video for a commercial? Yes, of course, when it's this awesome of a commercial it makes sense.

Why does this work where Wendy's use of Blister in the Sun doesn't? Partly it's the song. Duran Duran was cheesy to begin with, and Hungry Like the Wolf is already nonsensical, so to be put in this context only improves rather than detracts from the song. Also, Bruce Campbell can pull off anything. A lesson to other actors out there, if you shill, shill shamelessly. There's no shame in making a buck. Do it with joy, or don't do it at all. Bruce is clearly enjoying himself and the awesomeness shows up in the final commercial spot.

Crass commercialism is an art form not to be trifled with. Also, his bit in Spiderman 3 was superb.

Memo to the networks, if you think those whiny Geico cavemen are capable of sustaining a sitcom, then surely Old Spice's "Man of Experience" is worthy his own series as well. I'm thinking do it McBragg style where he tells a slightly impossible vignette to some whippersnapper each week. The possibilities are endless. And you could go animated a la Venture Bros. if you really want to open up the potential plots and scenarios, or if you go live action, use Bruce to full effect and give him a good cast to work off of. Make this and I wouldn't mind a ton of obvious Procter & Gamble product placement each week. Actually it would be preferable if you load it up with product placement but skip the commercial interruptions.

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bill said...

Good call on the McBragg. He'd be perfect for a live action version. Actually sounds like it would be a fun show.