15 May 2007

An Entirely Inappropriate Way To Watch the Debate (and Commemorate a Pastor's Passing)

Taking a swig of Lynchburg's finest product at the mention of one of its recently passed favorite sons during tonight's GOP debate.

(which FNC is softpedalling surprisingly, guess they figure they don't need to pump things up the way MSNBC did)

It's especially inappropriate given that the finest product is from the wrong Lynchburg.

UPDATES to come, if I bother watching, and don't get too drunk.

Oh No! I just got drink-blocked by Brit Hume. Looks like all I get is the one swig from him mentioning that they won't be mentioning him. Can I watch this sober?

First question is Iraq, no soft pitch from FNC towards the GOP apparently. Substance to the answers haven't changed since last debate, but at least Gov. Thompson presented his answer more succinctly (it's a bad plan whether proposed by him or Sen. Biden, though), and Sen. McCain looks less blinky and cranky so far. Sen. Brownback is making his answer about Sen. Reid and his defeatism, again an improved presentation of the same idea. Mayor Giuliani brings up Ft. Dix, and agrees with McCain, not bad. I skipped Gov. Romney's response, his hair made more of an impression than his words for some reason. We'll just pretend I've already listened to the other responses on this question, does anyone care what Rep. Hunter or Tancredo think on this? ADDED: Rep. Paul forgets they aren't in Simi Valley anymore, he's addicted to Pres. Reagan references.

Sen. McCain messed up his overused drunken sailor line (it was a good line the first time, now it's a bit overused), oh well, no McCain bounce, likely. Gov. Huckabee unleashed a new quip in support of a Fair Tax, "We've had a congress that spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop" HUCKABEE WINS!! Debate's OVER!!! (not really, but almost)

Oh no he didn't! Gilmore calls out Giuliani and accuses him of being a liberal (almost, he's pressed to name names, instead he just says, visit my website).

A commercial break? Unusual. That's it for live viewing then, I'll catch up with this later (or not).

Gilmore's being an ass. Trying to break out from the bunch, won't work. Giuliani responds by reminding GOP voters all that's wrong with him as a conservative pale in comparison to what any of the Democrats would do as president. Good response. Winning response?

Goler, Wallace and Hume are lightyears better than Matthews and that Politico guy (sorry not gonna look it up). Wallace goes directly to McCain and challenges him on McCain-Feingold, he dodges, of course. Gov. Huckabee may become the top of the second tier after this, he's performing well.

Wendell Goler just gave Ron Paul enough rope to hang himself, and Rudy showed the proper outrage. Ron Paul is sounding like a Chomskyite. All the actual GOP candidates were chomping at the bit to give Paul a rhetorical beatdown (instead they move on).

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