15 May 2007

Lileks Should Go to Disneyworld and Get Fired/Reassigned/Quit More Often

The last two Bleats have been terrific, and he promises two more regarding his time in Orlando. Has me half wanting to go to Disneyland (where I haven't been for about a decade). Do they rent out 5-7 year olds with which to share the experience? (Links to the whole week, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV)

(if only that wouldn't be so creepy)

Someone should pay Lileks (and wife if she could get the time off) to travel with Gnat this summer and take 4-5 weeks hitting all the major theme parks across the country.

It might kill him, but it'd make for some great writing.

The well of feeling for non-Disney parks wouldn't be as great, obviously, and Gnat is probably too young for the major coaster parks like Magic Mountain and Cedar Point, but surely Knott's and Dollywood, and the various Seaworlds, and Universal parks might produce some worthwhile reading.

Ideally, he could be partnered with some foreigner with which to share and trade observations about that particularly exuberant and corporate expression of Americana represented by major theme parks. Imagine a podcast/blogposts/bloggingheads collected from him travelling around these parks with Christopher Hitchens or Andrew Sullivan or Mark Steyn.

The mind boggles (in a good way) at the possibilities.

And judging from some of the comments he makes during Part II of his Disneybleats, I'm fairly certain that regarding his current employment, Lileks has indeed taken it, and shoved it as deeply and firmly as possible (but constant exposure to all things Disney may have prevented Johnny Paycheck's song from creeping into his consciousness).

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