01 April 2007

April 1st Guest Post Number 01, Sean Penn

GUEST POST: From the "mind" of Sean Penn

Hey dudes! It's Sean Penn here. I thought I'd help out fellow Santa Monica resident and Samohi graduate (Go Vikes!) and post some of my thoughts here.

Well, the news out of my favorite city, Tehran is like, totally bogus. Those British naval personnel should be ashamed of themselves for committing those acts of espionage on the great and glorious Islamic Republic of Iran.

I know the Iranian side of the story must be the right one, cause like, those cats over there are like totally righteous.

I predict that the glorious Islamic Republic of Iran will sentence those limey military thugs as they deserve, but out of their infinite mercy, commute their deserved death sentence and release them back to the dastardly British.

Last time I was there, I bought a whole closet full of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "Members Only" jackets, and I must say, they are the best looking clothes I've ever worn. They're the perfect windbreaker to fend off the gentle ocean breezes that come off the Pacific Ocean just down the street.

My wife has even started wearing them, sometimes even to bed (if you know what I mean), sometimes we play a game called, "The President and The Dissident", and well, it gets pretty kinky, especially when she's the President and wearing that jacket and an expertly applied fake beard. You wouldn't think a tall thin blond chick could pull off a convincing Mahmoud, but my wife is such a great actress that she does it with ease.

Anyway, I'd like to thank XWL for giving me this forum, I'd like to pre-emptively thank the Academy for my Oscar in 2009 playing Allan in Stacy Peralta's kick-ass film, "In Search of Captain Zero", and I'd like to thank the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for capturing those Brits and exposing the "West" for the evil, corrupt and weak poseurs that I've always known that they are. Long live the REVOLUTION!!

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