29 March 2007

The Dangers of Watching Insufficient South Park

Had Rosie watched more South Park, specifically this episode, she might have stuffed a sock in it.

Please, move with your spouse to Iran, and see how they treat you.

On the one hand, if she moved there, she might be surprised at how gay people (gruesome images at link, but bear witness, and don't forget) are treated in Iran.

On the other hand, there is no other hand, it's phenomenal that her BDS is so strong that she is willing to trust the Islamic Republic of Iran more than she does the British government.

This sort of insanity goes beyond the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania, woe be unto the next resident, regardless of party.

There are too many people who believe in magic, and think that the government can prevent all bad things from happening. This sort of magical thinking leads to an insane cognitive dissonance when confronted with negative events. In this magical land, if the government is all powerful, all knowing, and all capable, then all bad things that happen, only happen with the complicity of the government.

The absurdity of this is beyond my imagining, but there's little else to explain the "truthers" or the reaction to the aftermath of Katrina. Sure the current administration has screwed up, all administrations screw up. Government is inherently feeble at many things, it's made up of people, and people are fallable.

Rely on yourself where you can, help others if you have the resources, and stay out of everybody elses way, whenever possible.

Government's main task should be to facilitate self reliance for the many, charity by choice and not by force of the tax code, and prosperity for those that are willing to invest in themselves and others, if a government program runs counter to those ends, then it needs to be carefully examined.

The Rosies of the world believe so strongly in governmental interference in all aspects of life, that they can't fathom the concept that government isn't the best means to all ends.

Hat tip LGF

P.S.: I'd be surprised if ABC doesn't demand YouTube yank the evidence of this insanity, I'd also be surprised if The View doesn't run into sponsor troubles soon.

And cause I can't resist, here's the entire text of a recent post regarding this issue over at r blog:

anderson cooper
wake up

False flag operations are
covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other
organizations, which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by
other entities.

the british did it on purpose
into iranian waters

we will be in iran
before summer
as planned

come on people
u have 2 c
know u can

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