16 March 2007

It's Time For Mr. Sullivan To Come Out of the Closet

Sullivan needs to come out, and soon.

Which closet you ask? The folks having viewed the film 300 closet, that's which closet.

Can he say with a straight face (or even an honestly gay face), that he hasn't already seen this film numerous times?

I think he's just crafting which side of a variety of issues he wants to use this film as support for.

Does he join the left in calling it homophobic, fascist and racist?

Or does he join the right and call it a rousing return to patriotism and inambiguity in Hollywood filmmaking?

His one (fence straddling) post on this film promised that should he see it, he'd review it, and he's had plenty of time to go out and catch a screening. I have trouble believing that a film featuring so many hard abs and thrusting spears wouldn't immediately pique his interest.

On a similar note, would the promise of hot chicks running around half naked mixed with rousingly old fashion storytelling get my ass into a theatre seat?

Hollywood, I think you know the answer, so make it happen, again and again, and when I mean hot chicks, I don't mean Charlize Theron in fetish wear in a toned down PG-13 version of a bizarre Eurocomic, I mean a kick-ass version of Wonder Woman with plenty of sister Amazons also running around in their mostly naked glory, and go ahead and embrace the R rating, and while you are at it, throw in a little sapphic love play, I won't mind a bit.

(the likelihood that Wonder Woman will kick any sort of ass has been greatly reduced now that Joss Whedon has been kicked off the project)

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