16 March 2007

The Results of Madness (March Style)

First round is over, how'd I do?

Midwest 6-2
Arizona and Notre Dame let me down. That messes up my 2nd round pick of a Arizona over Florida upset, also, oh well. I had Arizona getting all the way to the Elite 8, so I'm screwed.

West 5-3
Villanova, Gonzaga and Duke let me down. I had all those teams losing in the 2nd round anyway, so long as the teams that beat them lose as well, the West won't look so bad for me.

East 7-1
Texas Tech let me down. I have them going all the way to the Elite 8, so another screwed regional.

South 6-2
Long Beach State and BYU didn't get it done. I had Long Beach St. winning one more round, so I'm only slightly screwed in the South.

So, no perfect regions, and a total for the 32 games of 24-8. That's respectable, but not great. Also, I already have 3 games in the next round where I'm definitely wrong, and 2 games in the round after that, so things aren't looking good the rest of the way. At least all my Final Four picks are still alive.

I'm sure there's a few folks who can't say the same (and I'm talking to you, all you Cameron Crazies, who despite a mediocre for Duke standards team, you probably still picked them to go all the way).

My prediction of few upsets panned out. The highest seed to win were the two 11 seeds, Winthrop and VCU. Otherwise the only higher seeded team to beat the lower seed were three 9s beating 8s, and those matchups are usually coin-flips (as well as their seeding) anyway.

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