27 February 2007

I've Got More Power Than I Thought

Just noticed that the Wiki for the Spirit Awards more accurately reflects the location where they are held now.

I'm not going to say my post had anything to do with it, but . . .

Of course, if you read my past post, you'll think I'm the one who doesn't know what the hell they're talking about rather than the collective authors of that Wiki.

Now, speaking of Wikis, the Wiki for Santa Monica oddly doesn't mention the politics of this town. I think many people know about its reputation as one of the most "progressive" communities in the country, and the moniker "People's Republic of Santa Monica" doesn't appear at all (at the link, a good article on some of that phenomenon from Kevin Roderick), nor a reference to rent control (a Cato report at the link on how rent control tends to achieve the exact opposite of the intended goal, namely creating plentiful, cheap and fair housing) and all the controversies swirling around that practice. Also missing is a reference to Harry Shearer's term for the place, "Home of the Homeless", as a matter of fact, the rather significant homeless population hereabouts isn't mentioned at all.

Passing strange, that omission.

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