27 February 2007

Words Fail

I have no words to describe my disgust at the reactions to the recent attack in Bagram.

Michelle Malkin does a good job of rounding up stuff.

It's vile, dark, twisted, and I suppose wonderful that we live in a society free enough where these insane people feel free to spout their venom.

Each one of them should spend one day unprotected in the exercise yard at GTMO and see how well they're treated by those wonderful folks they seem to support and have far more sympathy for than their own elected leaders.

Are there folks out there dreaming of a President Pelosi and plotting ways to make it happen?

(given the Democratic Party's unwillingness to step up to the plate and begin impeachment hearings (which I'm for as it would expose their empty rhetoric and lies as empty rhetoric and lies, start the hearings immediately, I say), that leaves the bloodier method as the only option)

Also, I doubt Taliban remnants/Al Qaeda knew in advance that Cheney was there, they just 'spun' the attack as a direct attack on the Vice President as a way to make themselves seem more together and threatening than they really are.

Much of the press will most likely help the Taliban with their spin, though. It was yet another attack by Muslim extremist that succeeded in killing or maiming mostly Muslims. Despite being perceived as being on a genocidal mission to wipe Islam from the face of the planet (as some would have you believe), our military has been severely outpaced in the killing of Muslims when compared to Al Qaeda and other extremists groups.

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