18 February 2007

To Edit, Or Not To Edit, That Is The Question

Tis it nobler to edit an error you find on a Wiki Page, or are somethings not worth bothering about.

The page in question, the (surprisingly) sparse Wiki regarding the Independent Spirit Awards. The error, they list the event as being held in Los Angeles, California, whereas for as long as I can remember the event has been held in Santa Monica.

I know to those outside of the region, most folks would see that as a distinction without a difference, but the two places aren't interchangeable.

Speaking of the Spirit Awards, noticed that only Platoon was honored with both their Best Picture nod, and the Oscar. So if Little Miss Sunshine wins on Saturday, expect it to be passed by on Sunday.

The lovely and talented Sarah Silverman hosts the show for the second time this year, for those with cable it can be watched live on IFC 2pm PST, or on tape delay (and with profanity deleted) on AMC 10pm. Previously the lovely and talented John Waters had hosting duties, but Sarah didn't do a bad job last year, and she's on a roll lately, so expect good things (along with plenty of profanity and probably some Boooosh bashing thrown in).

The films they're honoring look mostly unwatchable. 'Indie film' is just a codeword for 'dysfunctional families and or people do dysfunctional things in mostly depressing ways shot with a hand held camera'.

Hopefully Pan's Labyrinth wins their Best Picture, it would be the second foreign language pic to do so (and that film deserved a Best Picture nod from the Academy as well).

Also, I've never thought it a good idea to gather a bunch of high profile folks in a tent on the beach, but that's just my imagination getting the best of me (to elaborate further might give the wrong folks dangerous ideas).

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