17 January 2007

RESULTS (Divisional Weekend) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation


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Indianapolis 15 Baltimore 6 Baltimore -4
Doh! The Ravens defense played well, as expected, but the Indianapolis defense might have proved that the previous week's success v. Kansas City may not have been a fluke. Dungy was hired cause he was a 'Defensive' coach, and Indianapolis will get to host the AFC Championship game. The Ravens offense might have been more terrible than the Indy defense was good, however.

Philadelphia 24 New Orleans 27 New Orleans -5.5
Doh! Congrats to the New Orleans Saints (but boo! for not covering the spread). They did enough to win, and controlled the clock and the game when it counted. Payton has been the best play-caller in the league this year, and with their weapons on offense, they'll give Chicago all they can handle. Philly played better than they should have, but they couldn't put together enough drives to win. The Saints offense is very vulnerable to the big play, but luckily, Rex Grossman is as likely to throw the ball into a CBs hands as he is to a WRs hands on the deep ball.

Seattle 24 Chicago 27(OT) Seattle +8.5
Woohoo! The only game I picked correctly against the spread. Was a game that Seattle could have won, but came up short. Was I perplexed as to why they didn't run Alexander between the tackles more often, given that he made 8-12 yards on most of his carries? You betcha. Chicago won, will host the NFC Championship, and look ripe for an upset. Also, it's well past time that the NFL adopt the NCAA OT system. Exciting game, anyway.

New England 24 San Diego 21 San Diego -4.5
Doh! San Diego got Schottenheimered!!! Brady threw more interceptions than TDs, but put his team in position to go ahead when it counted, while San Diego mismanaged the clock at the end and were forced into a poor field goal attempt to tie the game. A great game by LT was wasted, and his tantrum about the celebration was out of character, but emotions run high in the playoffs. If you don't want the visitors to celebrate on your field, then take care of business and beat them. San Diego's sole loss at home came when it counted most. Go ahead and laugh it up this week Mr. Cottage, I still don't believe in the Pats (not that I feel so confident about Indy, either).


SippicanCottage said...

In the name of all that is right and holy, stop picking against the Pats. Just stop! Take the points and run!

Icepick said...

What I like best about the LT rant is that I haven't heard ONE SINGLE PERSON defend the "classiness" of Belichick.