02 January 2007

The First Fugging of the New Year!

The Fug Girls start 2007 by fugging my favorite auteur of quickie web videos.

First, what's wrong with partying like it's 1993?

Second, you've made the big time Kat!

Third, more videos please (from Kat, not the Fug Girls, though fugging videos of the fugging fug girls talking trash about fugging celebrities might be fun).

Fourth, since I somehow always seem to bring up Ken Jennings when talking about Kat Dennings, he has a funny post yesterday mixing in strange things his 4 year old said with slightly morbid thoughts about celebrities and reincarnation.

After you visit the Ken link, if you're wondering about my possibilities, I'd have to go with one of three, Aleqsandre Jorjoliani, Ted Hecht, or Judy Garland.

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