29 December 2006

Will They Air It? Will You Watch?

Possibly, Saddam Hussein will be as dead as a Norwegian Parrot within a week.

Also, more than likely, his last moments pining for the fjords will be somewhere on the web.

TV Newser has begun asking the question as to how the various news outlets will handle this possible footage.

It's nothing I need to see personally, but I have absolutely no problem at all with him dying at the end of a hangman's noose (unlike one far better known blogger).

And just to keep this a light post, here it is below (not the execution, the dead parrot).

The anonymous military source everyone is referencing as to the time of Saddam's execution might be talking out of his or her ass as anonymous sources often do. The Iraqi Justice Ministry claims any possible execution won't happen before Jan 26th. But who are you going to believe, an unnamed anonymous US military source, or an unnamed 'senior official' within the Iraqi Justice Ministry?


It's official, it's happened, and TV Newser (the link goes to their archives, clearly late December 2006 will go down as being the most Saddamtastic month ever) goes crazy with the coverage of who was first to announce. Who cares? (and no event is complete until it's become cause for some FNC bashing)

Also, I wasn't the only one who thought of parrots.

Tammy Bruce puts things in perspective well. She says most of what I'd want to say, and probably does a better job than I would have, so just read what she has to say.

And they should grind up Saddam's remains and feed him to pigs. That's what he deserves, no grave, no respect, and no dignity in death.

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