29 December 2006

Creeping Sharia In Dear Old Blighty

Wolverhampton, England, segregation rules.

First it's pools, then it's buses, then it's Islamic courts. Surrendering freedoms in the hopes of placating a vocal minority within a minority that demand special treatment will only lead to greater demands.

Government condoned segregation, whether requested by a minority to keep outsiders out, or imposed by a majority to keep a minority down, leads to all sorts of social ills.

If Muslims fear seeing a belly button or upper thigh so much, they should open their own private pools, they shouldn't demand the local governments to conform to their concepts of modesty. If they want to play in public, play by the public rules.

I live in a neighborhood with many Orthodox Jews. They have their rules on modesty for followers, but they don't expect everyone walking down the street to follow their customs (of course, a different story if you're invited to their homes, as it should be). They don't go around demanding public streets be closed down on Saturdays cause they can't drive on the Sabbath.

Yet, that's essentially what the Muslims in Wolverhampton are expecting. It's wrong, very wrong. This is a small thing on the surface, but it's symbolic of a trend going on, and that trend won't lead to compromise, won't lead to happy, shiny multiculturism. Instead that trend will lead to more demands and stronger reactions to the craziness.

It's hard to believe the good folks in England had once been known for their pluck and resolve, the news from over there seems to lack those attributes.

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