29 December 2006

Fourth? That Probably Would Have Been First on My List

Here's a quote from a recent editorial by Robert Farago at The Truth About Cars,

"Fourth, Bob Lutz is an idiot."

Really, that would have been my first bullet point, but other than that, I agree with everything he says.

Bob Lutz has a blog though, he does have that going for him, if you want to read his post that caused the subsequent post, it's here.

Lutz wasn't always an idiot, far from it, but his way of thinking isn't adaptable to these times. I don't think a more flexible thinker could do anything more to move GM forward, their entrenched bureaucracies are too endemic throughout the corporate behemoth to move more than an inch. But, a chairman who articulated a better vision for the future would help their stock price and public perception.

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