29 December 2006

USC Defeats Michigan

I'm not jumping the gun on a Rose Bowl headline.

Rather, I'm reporting the results from the annual Lawry's Beef Bowl (a video interview from KCBS here)

(I'd get the Michigan side of the story, but I'm from here and I'll be rooting for USC, so screw trying to be balanced)

(OK I lied, here's some balance)

It happens every year, both teams participating in the Rose Bowl get treated to lots of thick juicy prime rib at Lawry's Beverly Hills.

The Trojans narrowly out ate the Wolverines 630 to 612 lbs.

Teams normally consume 400-500 lbs, so the teams went all out this time.

Vegetarians aren't allowed on the football field, I guess.

And you can't blame either team for wishing they were in Arizona instead of Southern California. The Rose Bowl is the Consolation Bowl this year, unfortunately. Maybe they were trying to eat their disappointment away.

(Do they have a Tostitos eating contest before the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl?)

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