06 December 2006

Guess the Theme

Another guess the theme URGE playlist for your enjoyment (previous entries tagged: Music Playlists).

All the songs are downloadable if you have a subscription.

1. Lady Victoria's Boombox by Mr. Deviant from Techno Obsession
(as techno as the album's title implies)

2. Victoria Lake by John Zorn from The Bribe
(chock full 'o John Zorn-iness, just like you like it)

3. Victoria's Song by Mike Lasala from Somewhere to Be
(Emo-ish guitar pop)

4. Victoria Crown by The Larch from Pouters, Rollers & Runts
(Jangly pop from the Paisley Underground school)

5. A Love Song For Queen Victoria by Mayor McCA from Welcome to McCAland
(Slightly Rockabilly Rootsy Pop)

6. Hotel Victoria by Quinteto Princho from Bailando Tango
(Tango, straight up, no fooling)

7. Victoria St by Angeline from Finally. . .
(Pop Singer/Songwriter stuff)

8. Luna De La Victoria by Jose Merce from Del Amanecer
(Traditional Flamenco Guitar straight from Spain)

9. Entry 3: After Her Victorian Operation Failed in Geneva (Autumn) by Specially Designed For Commercial Radio from A Public Service Announcement For The Dehumanized Population
(Ridiculous title, Ridiculous band name, Ridiculous Album name, the song . . . , meh)

10. The Victoria Principle by Linus Loves from Stage Invader
(Electroclash in an Old School Style, straight outta 1983, but recorded in 2005, and I'm liking it)

11. Victoria's Secret by Toby Keith from Boomtown
(A Toby Keith story song, exactly what you'd expect, for ill or good)

12. Spoilt Victorian Children by The Fall from This Nation's Saving Grace
(Mid Career post-punkness from one of the great bands of that era)

13. Victoria by Keith Jarrett from The Impulse Story
(A great Jazz Pianist in a Monk mood)

14. Victoria's Smile by 12 Girls Band from Freedom
(Straight outta Red China, 12 "girls" doing cheesy lite-classical with an Asian edge)

15. Victorian Romance by Diane O'Malley from Heaven's Embrace
(Did you say you wanted some harp music? Well, I've got some harp music right here for ya)

16. Sarah Victoria by Acoustic Alchemy from Early Alchemy
(more mellowness from that mellow duo known as Acoustic Alchemy, better put on something with a little edge before I fall asleep)

17. Victoria by Ella Baila Sola from Ella Baila Sola
(That's better up-tempo latin pop with a rock edge)

18. Victoria's Secret Blackmail by Sunshine (Punk) from Moonshower and Razorblades
(Moody Goth-ish Post Punk straight out of Tabor in the Czech Republic, Gotta love that combination)

19. Victoria Day by Amer Diab from There / After
(Folky, twangy, guitar pop straight out of Toronto!)

and finally, as if this list could be complete without a version of this particular song

20. Victoria (Live) by Ray Davies from Storyteller: X-Ray (Live)
(The Man, The Legend, doing what he does best, LIVE)

All this inspired by this Sundries post, naturally.


bill said...

I'm scrolling down the list thinking "where the hell is Ray Davies?" Ah, there he is, all is well. If you just have the song and not the CD, Storyteller is wonderful.

vbspurs said...

I smell teen spirit! Or an hommage, perhaps. :)

Thanks XWL. You have excellent taste, with your multiplicity of Victorias.

Question: I have WMP 10.5. How safe is it to upgrade to WMP 11, seeing as how you linked to that URGE site?

You can't download that proggie, without upgrading, and I still remember iTunes 7.0.0 almost ruining my new computer.

Inquiring, and grateful minds want to know.


XWL said...

I've had no problems since upgrading, and WMP 11 is no longer in beta, it's the current version for WMP.

Each computer reacts differently, though.

WMP 11 has a cleaner interface and seems to play nice with others (as in other music and video programs).