06 December 2006

People's Republic, Indeed

If it wasn't 65 and sunny at this moment, I might be angry.

First, the Santa Monica City Council does the sort of niggling little micromanaging stupidity that exemplifies their approach towards governance.

They took steps to address the greatest concern facing our fair city, and by that of course I mean, styrofoam containers. Their use will be banned for restaurants in our city, no word yet on whether mere possession within city limits will be a ticketable offense. Other asstastic cities (Berkeley, Oakland) have taken similar steps, but really this is just foolishness on a banning transfats level.

It was passed unanimously, the story wasn't covered in the local paper, but here's a link to the agenda item from yesterday's council meeting.

Also, to brighten my day, I noticed at Crossroads School, an expensive, exclusive, and naturally "progressive" (oops, I'm sorry, it's not just "progressive", it's "distinctly progressive") private school, they were proudly flying the Hammer and Sickle.

They have many other flags flying, but that was the only one for a no longer extant entity. It's been a long time since the Soviet Union existed, and this flag didn't look particularly well worn, some joker there just thought it would be a good idea to fly the standard of a regime and ideology responsible for the deaths of tens of millions and the repression of hundreds millions more.

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