12 November 2006

RESULTS (Week TEN) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Hmmmm, wild week. At least that's the way all the wrap up shows are leading their highlights package, and why should I be the one to avoid the cliche?

I can live with 2-2. Cincinnati could have made me 3-1 again, but it wasn't meant to be.

On to the games.

Cincinnati (+1) San Diego 49 Cincinnati 41
An amazing, exciting offensive shootout. San Diego (7-2) came in with the 2nd rated defense in the league, can't imagine that surviving this one. Carson Palmer looked fantastic, but his one fumble cost Cincinnati (4-5) dearly. Chad Johnson (260 yds) had a day, but his team lost. San Diego proves that they can win the high scoring as well as the low scoring contests. This team is a real threat to go all the way. The Bengals on the other hand will have to be perfect the final seven games to definitely make the playoffs. If Carson Palmer stays this hot, they can do it, but their defense is going to have to play better.

New England (-10.5) NY Jets 17 New England 14
I don't know what to say. Didn't see it, didn't expect it. Don't think it will matter accept maybe it might cause New England (6-3) to be a 3 seed instead of a 2 seed. The NYJets (5-4) despite beating New England in New England, haven't convinced me that they are a good or consistent team, yet.

St. Louis (+3) St. Louis 22 Seattle 24
Seattle (6-3) did just enough to win, but not enough to cover the spread. Woohoo! Seattle is in good shape to win their lousy division now, especially with Alexander and Hasselbeck returning soon. St. Louis (4-5) is in a hole now, and probably will miss the playoffs. Every other game seems kind of ho hum after the Bolts v the Bengals, though. Came down to a closing seconds field goal, though, guess that's something.

Chicago (pick em) Chicago 38 NY Giants 20
Rex Grossman pulled himself together, and Chicago (8-1) looked impressive. NY Giants (6-3) not so much. Missed field goals for touchdowns are always fun. When something un-routine happens on routine plays, that's always interesting.

As far as the rest, the Falcons, Chiefs, and Jaguars suck, Baltimore and Indianapolis did just enough to win. The Packers are back? The Steelers are back? (no and maybe).

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