11 November 2006

It's Not Even Sunday, and Yet I'm Photoblogging . . .

The doggie was looking a bit forlorn so I took him for a brisk walk in the coolish air (it must have dipped down to the low 60s or even the 50s this afternoon). As usual, I had his leash in my left hand, and a cybershot in my right hand.

I find it funny how often small dogs feel the need to act aggressive towards my gentle 75-80 pound mutt. He pays them no mind, but I do wonder what those runts plan on doing should their owners actually let them get at Mofo. Most big dogs know better than to act that way, I guess it's often the same way in humans, too.

After I started, I decided to get to the Armed Services Memorial on the bluffs before the sun completely set. As you can tell in the photos in the previous post, it was a close call.

Here are some of the other snaps, shot. As always, the whole set can be found at flickr.


As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of negative space in compositions.


There's no car too goofy for some greener than thou folks to drive in Santa Monica (but this one pushes the envelope).


I thought the days of negative ads were behind us, but apparently I was wrong.


It's there world, we're just living in it. Bow Before Your Geeky Overlords.


Another beautiful sunset over the mighty Pacific Ocean, ho hum.


An impressive and subtle palette of colors. Awe inspiring, really.


Not an earthquake, just a long exposure and a dog tugging at the leash at an inopportune moment.


Sometimes Santa Monica almost looks like a city.


We still have a Masons Lodge, and they were congregating this evening.


Aliens landing at 7-11? Nope, just a film crew (for this film if you must know).


Let's call this shot of some of the film equipment "artistic", yeah, that's the ticket.

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