06 November 2006

RESULTS (Week NINE) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Another week with only one incorrect pick. This week 3-1, my total for weeks 2-9 (since I picked every game in the first week, we'll ignore that as it doesn't compare with all the other weeks)

Week 02 (2-2)
Week 03 (3-0-1)
Week 04 (1-3)
Week 05 (1-3)
Week 06 (1-3)
Week 07 (1-2-1)
Week 08 (4-1)
Week 09 (3-1)

Total so far (excluding week one) 16-15-2. A middling performance midway through this NFL season (also subtract out the 7-2 these past two weeks, and I'm a miserable 9-13-2, that's why this is purely for entertainment purposes only).

On to this week's recap (the original post can be found here)

Pick: Washington +3 Results: Dallas 19 Washington 22
This pick I was shakiest on, and Dallas (4-4) had every opportunity to put DC (3-5) away, yet didn't. Had Parcells kicked an extra point rather than going for the 2 point conversion earlier in the game, then their wouldn't have been a need for their long game winning field goal that was blocked and ended up becoming the Skins game ending winning field goal. Plus TO is still a jerk who drops too many catchable balls. He's talented, but poisonous as a teammate.

Pick Kansas City +2.5 Results: Kansas City 31 St. Louis 17
KC (5-3) might be a good team. Larry Johnson ran wild as predicted (172 yards on 27 carries, including a 45 yard romp). St. Louis (4-4) still has a chance to turn things around, but their defense will have to step things up. Three early turnovers didn't help the Rams, either. But even without those, their continued troubles with run defense doom this team to an up and down season and likely watching the playoffs on TV.

Pick Baltimore -3 Results: Cincinnati 20 Baltimore 26
Baltimore (6-2) as long as McNair is healthy is one of the best teams in football. Their defense is tremendous, and their offense is good enough. Plus with McNair they have someone they can trust late in the game. Cincy (4-4) are not the same team they were last year. Carson Palmer is still playing himself into shape, and is not as sharp as he was last season. Their defense also seems a little less able to produce the turnovers that gave them a solid record last year. 5 of their final 8 games are against probable playoff teams so to get to 10-6 and make the playoffs they'll have to not only not lose against the bad teams they play but they'll also have to win 3 games against these five opponents, San Diego, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Denver and a Baltimore rematch. Their playoff hopes are looking grim at this point. The Bengals seem like a team that shouldn't be in this situation, essentially their playoffs begin next week against San Diego, every week is a must win if they want to be the perennial playoff team they appear to be on paper (and seemed to be at the start of the season).

Pick New England -3 Results: Indianapolis 27 New England 20
Indy (8-0) are now the only unbeaten team (after Da Bears surprising defeat at the hands of the Dolphins) left. They get it done so many different ways. Their defense is underrated and has won more games for them this season than their offense. Manning just knows how to win, they have often looked not so hot this year, yet there they are again, undefeated at the halfway point of the season. Anything but a Superbowl victory will be a disappointment for the Colts. New England (6-2) can't be too upset about this loss. Brady did not play well (4 int) yet they were in it till the end. They should have lost by 3 touchdowns, not one, they have one of the best defenses in the league, but if your offense gives up the ball over and over, no defense can overcome that against even a bad team. I can't believe that my trust in Belichick wasn't rewarded. From now on, in Dungy I trust.

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