06 November 2006

I Know There's Something I'm Meaning to Do Tomorrow . . .

. . . Let's see, Tuesday November 7th, what is it I was going to do? ? ?

Checked Outlook, and nothing pops up.


That's right, TimeWarner Cable introduces a bunch of new services in our area and is shuffling the channel line-up, time to upgrade, also . . .

And then there's, that.

As so happens, my local polling place is right on my block, so no excuses for me not to vote.

May do some video or audio interviews if other folks are amenable and the rules allow.

Or not.

I'm deep inside the People's Republic, so any interviews could get dodgy, especially if they ask me questions in return (I love the shocked looks on folks faces when they don't get the usual liberal twaddle in response).

And just because, the long version of the video for Election Day by Arcadia (the other Duran Duran side project during the 80s)

(not sure if this should have been submitted as a best or worst in the Andrew Sullivan competition, I've been thoroughly unimpressed with the selections he's chosen to highlight)

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