06 November 2006

Aaron Sorkin Owes Me Money for Medical Bills

Watching Studio 60, and I dislocated my jaw as I watched.

The show is so jaw-droppingly full of itself, sanctimonious, and inhabits some odd parallel universe that the only possible response is to lower one's mandible.

Just in the first 20 minutes this week, we have John Goodman as country bumpkin judge who's no bumpkin, but who tweaks the slick lawyers and Hollywood types in his Pahrump office.

Next, you have the (jaw-dropping is the only word) Bashing-Gays. That's right, not gay-bashing, but gays physically intimidating the show's token Christian.

And to pile on the cliches, it's being told in flashbacks, woohoo!

And that's just the first 20 minutes.

And now I'm thinking, why the hell am I watching this crap . . .

1 comment:

bill said...

I'd given up on it, but there was nothing else on and I like John Goodman, so I didn't change the channel. Sounds like I lucked out as I dozed off quite quickly.