17 October 2006

I've Talked the Talk, Now I'm Walking the Walk

I've posted often enough about YouTube. Well, I've joined the other side and started uploading.

Using my new Sony DSC-S500 as a handy dandy dashcam, I took some video of myself behind the wheel while driving around various places around my Santa Monica base of operations.

Below is the first two (that's Fats Waller in the background) videos of the series. I haven't decided if I'm going to upload all 17 parts yet, but I might. However, if you watch all 17 parts, then you are seriously in need of a life and probably should stay away from the blogosphere and the internets for a week or two.

The video quality is poor, the sound isn't great, and if I get around to uploading later parts, you'll get to hear me swearing at a Mustang driver.

It was a beautiful day, and I took advantage by hitting the PCH, Sunset Blvd, Temescal Canyon, San Vicente, Sawtelle, Exposition, Ave. of the Stars, and finally Santa Monica Blvd.

Each segment lasts for about a song (used it as a handy dandy reminder to put in breaks so that each segment was less than the 100mb limit imposed by YouTube on uploads). I don't have .avi editing software at the moment, so I had to edit "in camera".

I choose Fats Waller because, first all the songs are under my self imposed 4 and half minute limit, and secondly, even with the crappy sound quality of using the camera's mic, it still entertains.

So without further ado, here are embedded video of the first two parts, and I'll upload the rest as I feel like it.


SippicanCottage said...

Xw- I know you just did it for the hell of it, but that made my day. I used to live in Palms, and work in S El Monte, and visit my brother in Venice. I haven't been in 15+ years.

It was marvelous to ride around in your car for a minute. There are still plenty of familiar things.

I found myself singing Pico and Supulveda, Pico and Supulveda, and thinking about Cal Worthington and his dog spot, and picturing Elvira naked.

Yeah, I've seen Elvira naked.

XWL said...

Glad you liked it, you never know how what you put out there will be appreciated by others.

I'll post the rest before the end of the day tomorrow.

Plus, I've upgraded to a directors account so now I can upload longer chunks.

I did think about how even though it's mundane, it's also somewhat sublime.

I'm trying to figure out how to position the camera better, leaning against the glass picks up more road noise than needed.

I'll do more probably, it's a way to post videos while still remaining somewhat anonymous.

And, seeing Cassandra Peterson in the all together has earned you my sincere envy.