16 October 2006

I'll See Your Shonen Knife, and Raise You . . .

In the high stakes game of all girl bands with more enthusiasm than musical talent, Lex Green at Chicagoboyz links the Shonen Knife video below (Lex doesn't actually comment on their musicianship, just links their video and uses a quote from the song as the post's title).

Thing is, Shonen Knife could actually play, and are pretty damn good, releasing more than one really great album. When they first hit the US market they were often compared to another band which I will link to below.

They ain't got nothing on THE SHAGGS. The greatest/worst band of all time, bar none.

The marvel that is YouTube, if you told me 10 years ago that I would be able to find both a Shonen Knife video, and a Shaggs video (albeit with charmingly/disturbingly DIY animation) with relative ease, and then be able to share it just as easily, I'd have called you a liar.

And yet Doug Morris and Dick Parsons think this is a terrible thing, those bastards!

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bill said...

I'm a fan of Petty Booka. Here's a clip of Material Girl I had not heard.

My theory, and I may be repeating myself, is that these Japanese girl bands are all Juilliard trained musicians from Kansas.